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Autumn in the U.P.

Here are some colors from up north




There’s a little patch of forest near us that has a lot of mossy rocks and sunlight dapples on the leafy ground. We call it the Enchanted Forest.

Dudley in the Enchanted Forest

Dudley in the Enchanted Forest

Smoke from my pipe in the Enchanted Forest

Smoke from my pipe in the Enchanted Forest


Dudley exploring the back yard

Dudley exploring the back yard

Kari’s 50th Birthday Party

Mystriss played at a 60’s themed birthday party for a friend.

I was wondering how I would dress as a hippie when it occurred to me that I always dress like a hippie. So I hopped in the old Beetle and took off. It was a very long drive to Capron Illinois which is close to Rockford.

The Beetle was very popular and many people wanted their pictures taken with it.


Here’s Janis Joplin…oops I mean Angela Powell looking stunning in her psychedelic pink dress!


Before Mystriss the GRD band entertained us all with some good rockin’ blues.


When it was time for us to play I discovered I had a little problem with my amplifier. Namely that it didn’t work. At all…

Fortunately there was a person there who had a little Crate practice amp and was kind enough to let me use it. It wasn’t what I’m used to but it worked and it got me through the gig.

It was a fun party, the weather was great and I think Kari had a very happy 5oth birthday!

Last Day in Michigan

It was a beautiful sunny day.

IMG_2872sWe caught a pike.


When you’re in a boat a drink is no problem.


Dudley was reluctant to go in the water but his ball was too much to resist.


Later in the evening we saw an Eagle in a tree. The Eagle is always flying around Light Lake. He gets the Loons pretty riled up when he flies over them.


Dudley’s ball went under the bed. He crawled completely under and all around until he found it.


It's gotta be here somewhere...

Got it!

Got it!

Fall Colors

The fall colors are just starting to come in a little here and there.


Light Lake

We found this wasp nest on a bush during our walk this morning.

Go ahead...kick it!

Go ahead...kick it!

And no post would be complete without Dudley…


The continuing adventures of Dudley the wonder dog

Vicious pit bull murders frog!

Vicious pit bull murders frog!

...then takes a nap.

…then takes a nap.
Flying dog!

Flying dog!

Dudley goes to Michigan

Dudley and I drove the old Beetle to Michigan. A trip that usually takes 6 hours took 10. Well, we had to avoid the fast highways and drove through a lot of little towns and stopped for breaks often too.

IMG_2841sDudley got his first boat ride too. He seemed to enjoy it.


Dudley enjoyed watching me catch a fish. But he was really more interested in just laying in the boat and napping.


We went for a walk this morning.


Portrait of the Artist as a Young Hippie

Here I am with all my groovy stuff. Yup that’s my very first guitar, a fine Montgomery Ward’s model.

Sleeping Hippie t

My Shiny New Blog

See how it glistens in the sunlight?